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LIVE Beijing Conference June 22, 2017: English Translation

Me and my partner are going to do English play by play here. Tickets were around 570 each, so if you found this helpful , please donate.
2:10 Checked in. Around 100 guests attending so far. Conference should officially start in 20 mins.
2:30 Conference started. Currently in the Microsoft Beijing Office Lobby. Just introductions so far. The video trailer they played before the conference was quite impressive and in English.
2:32 srikanth Raju is speaking in English. You guys are good for this part. Big point: Microsoft believes in a heterogeneous Blockchain environment for Azure. Mentioned​ Ethereum specifically coexisting with antshares.
2:41 Skipped Jiang Li, Microsoft senior consultant's section for some reason.
2:45 Feng han is talking about the rise of alipay and transactions becoming electronic. Believes that full automation is the next step. Alibaba is still only half automated in their logistics. Huawei is interested in building smart cities, and will need blockchain. Note: they aren't announcing a partnership. Just talking about it.
2:51 Feng han talking about current internet infrastructure not being safe for the futures smart infrastructure. Then talked about a class offered by a genius cryptography professor, wangxiaoyun at tsinghua. Made a joke about 300x returns since ICO.
2:57 Hongfei Da. Talking about bitcoin and history of crypto. Now talking about founding of Antshares. Discussing dBFT and consensus briefly. Now talking about ICO. State of AntShares: 432 nodes, 1058300 blocks, main env running for 150 days. 352 stars on GitHub. LOL talking about this subreddit specifically now. Coinmarketcap ranking.
All assets will be digitized. Two categories: 1. Proof of existence is on the blockchain. 2. Off chain physical assets like IDs, bikeshare locks, intellectual property.
Spirit of blockchain isn't decentralization. It is transparency and fairness via publicly agreed upon rules and data.
Mantra: digital asset + digital ID + smart contract = smart economy.
REBRANDING: NEO smart economy. Green logo
Neo contracts with C#, Java/kotlin, python, go
NeoX is like an interledger protocol
NeoQ is quantum safe encryption
NeoFS is a new database layer
Emphasized ecosystem partnership with bancor agrello matchpool
Missed some points because too fast. Will go back later.
3:28 innospace CEO talking. Selected AntShares to join a pool of 10 companies out of 800 applicants. Best companies get 100x growth. Talked about Neo contracts active dev community and emphasized fintrch fundamental paper.
3:35 Alex norta from agrello. English speaking. Introducing the agrello platform currently. Announced new white paper finished today and ICO occurring now.
3:43 Adam from Coindash. Marketing Coindash as a onestop crypto portfolio that enables social trading and facilitates ICOs. Gives test runs for ICOs and let's you gauge interest. Announcing foray into China with close partnership with NEST partnership.
3:59 they made a reference to the matrix where they all pushed buttons and the screen said, WAKE UP NEO
4:00 break for 30 mins
4:31 restarting. CTO of AntShares speaking. Explaining smart contracts. Telling a story about Coke vending machine software executing a smart contract, except it ate his money because of a malicious party blocking the coin entry. Blockchain is necessary to allow smart contracts to be executed fairly.
Neo is different from Eth and fabric because it has static contract calls, deterministic blockchain network calls, and uses oracle's instead of internet API calls. Example, different nodes will have different Google search results based off of IP location.
NeoVM vs EthVM vs Docker Dyanmic sharding for NeoVM makes parallel processing scale better than EVM which has static sharding. Variables in NeoVM are determined beforehand and then the sharding is done before computation as opposed to EVM which divides work inflexibly.
EVM has high coupling (bad). NVM has low coupling like docker. Execution of contracts depends too much on the nodes and blockchain. This point wasn't too clear. Coupling seems to be a concept that people don't talk about often. Sounds like he was saying that you need to run eth smart contracts on a test blockchain environment while NeoVM allows you to test and run code independent of blockchain.
Microsoft offers IDE plugins and compilers to help people develop on the Neo platform.
Digital certificate issuance and asset digitization are supported in Neo but not inherently in Eth.
Storage layer for contracts is built into Neo. You can give authorization for others to read or write your contract storage space. Also, if your contract has a bug, you can take the data and migrate it to a patched contract. Lastly, allows rental of storage space for contracts. No support for any of the three points above in EVM.
Giving example of locking an account for a period of time. Showing decentralized domains. Sounds a lot like Eth name service.
5:21 bijie tech CEO. Talking about Binance ICO. Introducing the Binance team. Binance is a coin to coin centralized exchange. Made a joke about not wanting to ICO but did it after seeing everyone elses valuations.
5:35 fangzhou charity entrepreneur. Became a multimillionaire after getting some ANS.
Money is freedom. Now wants to give charity loans to kids that need an operation but parents don't have the money. Because of new Chinese laws only 113 out of 500 NGOs can receive donation money. Therefore the market for charity is undersupplied by organizations that can use the money.
5:46 xiaobai medical founder
No fixed location, employees or resources. Wants to make a medical system where people record their illnesses and compare outcomes with other patients to determine what is the best treatment. Can also match patients with doctors. Sounds like a combo of ZocDoc and patientory.
5:55 nest smart fund founder
Problems of most funds are lack of liquidity, inability to participate in the invested company, and high management cost.
DAO on ethereum was hacked, but NEST wants to do what DAO does but more safely and more transparently. They choose C# ( made a joke about being at Microsoft and using C#).
Going to make a nest coin that is redeemable for some of the coins that the project backs.
what's going to happen to ANS?
AntShares will retire and get redistributed as NEO in the new wallet software. You don't have to do anything. No reissue so investors don't get screwed. Exchanges will get contacted automatically.
How many devs do you have now?
2 full time devs. They are going to offer NEO bounties on code and hire more.
New exchange announcement?
ETH donation address: 0x92CBE3Ae9ECB30Fa52BE536d55616571380c43b5
LTC donation address: LZXsdjZJJBWpAx7VQmQ4turVrvgBJwguru
ANS donation address: ARA25KDeQMbcR7nAAjTbbnf3pkW98etD2U
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[WTS] bitcoin trading bot

I have a trading bot for sale, python script and algorithm that makes trades. Gets up to 2% a day typically (if using leverage), some days less.
Have API for most major exchanges coded in. Currently setup for bitmex but you could use the wrapper I have included to do binance, derebit, and more. Have to understand basics of python and how to use IDEs to run it. I can help a little too if you need help setting it up.
I can provide trades it has made previously if anyone is interested. Trying to increase my portfolio size and figured I could help yall do the same.
Payment for bot can be bitcoin or cashapp or whatever. I prefer bitcoin.
Why am I selling it if it is profitable?
I am a broke college student and recently found out my summer internship wasnt going to be paid. My car also broke down and repairs wiped out most of my disposable income. The bot is currently only trading with about $100 because I had to sell my crypto holdings. Anyways, while it does get good returns, it takes a while to compound $100 into something that I can take profits from.
I think that the bot is worth about $500 based on comparable products. Took me about 6 months to perfect the code. It takes tradingview signal emails and executes trades. This purchase includes my pinescript tradingview alert indicator and strategy for calculating profits, as well as the bot to execute it.
I can negotiate on the price, just pretty broke right now and want to accumulate as much btc as we enter the bull market. Please just offer if you are interested and I will try to make it work.
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Bitcoin trading bot

I hope this isnt wrong to do in this sub.
I have a trading bot for sale, python script and algorithm that makes trades. Gets about 2% a day typically, some days less.
Have API for most major exchanges coded in. Have to understand python and how to use IDEs to run it.
I can provide trades it has made previously if anyone is interested. Trying to increase my portfolio size and figured I could help yall do the same.
Payment for bot will be in bitcoin of course
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I hope this isnt wrong to do in this sub.
I have a trading bot for sale, python script and algorithm that makes trades. Gets about 2% a day typically, some days less.
Have API for most major exchanges coded in. Have to understand python and how to use IDEs to run it.
I can provide trades it has made previously if anyone is interested. Trying to increase my portfolio size and figured I could help yall do the same.
Payment for bot will be in bitcoin of course
Bitcoin trading bot
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I'm writing a web app (Flask, Tornado) and would appreciate an expert's opinion on best practices. I don't know any other Python devs in real life :(

I don't know how/where to ask this, so if I chose the incorrect site and subreddit forward me along :)
But I've been working on a project for around a week and I don't know if I'm approaching it correctly. Right now I'm using:
I'm using Python 2.7.5, with Debian on my production server, Windows 7 with Debian VM on my dev box.
Basically, I just need help. This isn't the first web project I've done .. but it's by far the most complicated. I know I'm not doing some things right and want to fix them before it gets too far along.
I would love to talk with someone for 20 minutes about any of the following:
I'm studying CS in school but picked up all the python-web-stuff on my own over the last year or so, and I don't think I'm doing it right. As a broke college kid I can't pay for your time but might be able to exchange something instead.
Thank you in advance if you can help me with any of the above topics.
Note) I should note that everything WORKS, so this isn't a "how do I get this and this working for that to happen" -- I could finish the project without any answers. I just want to tighten security and make sure I learned things correctly while spending so much time on a "major" project for myself.
Also, I'm still waiting on the Flask text book from kickstarter if the author happens to see this post ;)
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Cryzen Platform is open for backtesting

Cryzen Platform is open for backtesting
We are proud to announce the launch of our highly anticipated algorithmic trading platform! Cryzen is revolutionizing the way cryptocurrency traders are making trades, equipping them with an array of cutting-edge tools. The world is moving towards an era of greater automation and it would be inequitable to deprive the cryptocurrency markets of such capabilities.
Trade all of your favorite coins by connecting to your preferred exchange via native API's. Users of the Cryzen platform are not limited to a specific number of coins they could trade. By connecting with the exchange of your preference via API, you can run an algorithm trading Ethereum and one trading Bitcoin simultaneously. For anybody with a diverse portfolio, this is an extremely powerful tool, essentially giving them the power to duplicate themselves. Do you think you could make more profit if you could afford to watch the charts 24 hours a day in order to capitalize on all possible opportunities? Don't think too hard; the answer is a lot simpler than you think.
Competitive Edge While you may have heard of other trading bots, Cryzen has been built to outperform the competition. Compared to other platforms, we are candidly

Cryzen uses Machine Learning to gather wider market data such as market-wide sentiment via Social media, Reddit, and other mediums. Cryptocurrency event data (new exchange listings, network upgrades, and more) will also be utilized, exponentially optimizing the trading experience and outcomes.
Former quants and machine learning engineers will appreciate the development environment and data pipeline, which accelerates the time to live trading by handling all of the tedious tasks associated with building a test environment and accessing fragmented data. Create your algorithm from scratch in our code studio, backtest and deploy. The code studio provides an online/browser-based ide for algorithm development in Python and supports syntax highlighting, autocomplete, code collapse, auto indent, and more. Furthermore, the code studio features a mini dashboard which will display trading logs and rendevisualize backtesting results with respect to price and action data (i.e. it will render an overlay of what a user's script did on top of the price charts of the cryptocurrencies involved).

With the amount of volatility present in the young cryptocurrency markets, time is of the essence. We make this a priority by delivering 5-second data feeds versus 1-minute data frequency found on other platforms.

We understand that not everybody is well versed in Python, and it would be unreasonable to believe that everybody interested in using our platform will be. For that reason, we are building a user-friendly U.I with built-in strategies. Users simply edit the parameters to their preference and backtest them against prehistoric data to ensure the efficiency of their algorithm before they deploy them.

Don't allow the revolution to occur in front of your very eyes without taking proper action. Head over to and become a part of the inevitable future.
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Tutorial: How to Work with HitBTC API in Python

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